How long will my order take?

If you choose to order your photographs online in quiet times (January to March) delivery can be as soon as 48 hours, during busy times (July to September) please allow up to three weeks. If you order via school, delivery is usually within 14 days from the date of collection from school, but can be up to 28 days.

Can I re-order prints?

You can re-order prints online up to 12 weeks after we deliver your proofs to school. To re-order please see the bottom of your prints for details.

My picture appears to have a different crop to how it looked on the proofcard or online, why is this?

As we offer many different print sizes it is sometimes necessary to adjust the ratio (shape) of the final image in order to achieve your desired picture size.

Are there any other photographs taken of my child other than the ones on the proofcard?

Unfortunately we do not keep any images other than the ones on your proofcard.

Can I purchase after the school collection date?

Yes, you can. We generally keep school photographs online for 3 months, if you have missed the deadline for ordering via school you can order online using your unique passwords shown on your order form.

Can I buy the images on disc?

Yes, you can purchase a high resolution image on disc and this option is given on your proof sheet. The image has a licence to use / print for non-commercial usage. The image is an srgb jpg file at 300 dpi, 8 x 6 inches.

Can I pay with cash?

You may find it easier and more secure to pay via credit/debit card or cheque, but we will accept cash. Please ensure you include the exact payment in full, sealed in the envelope supplied with your proof sheet. No change is given.

What size prints do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of print sizes and products, please check the bottom of your order form for more details.

I am trying to order online and the website is displaying ‘invalid’ when I type in my passwords, why is this?

There are a number of reasons why you may be getting this message, please check the following:

  1. Are you entering both your passwords exactly as they appear on the order form, both passwords are case sensitive.

  2. Your images might not be online yet, if you have just received your order form from school it can take up to 48 hours before the images are available online.

  3. The images might be older than 3 months and no longer available online.

If you are still having trouble online please fill in a contact report via the ‘contact us’ section of our website.

Can I mix poses from my order form?

If you are ordering two packs from one order form you may choose a pose for each pack and pay the discounted price. Each pack only contains one pose. You cannot mix poses from different order forms.

I only want to order a gift, is this possible?

Yes, you may order a gift without the purchase of a pack.

What are ‘Extras’ and how do I order them?

‘Extras’ (usually found on the back of the order form) are a great addition to your order. But remember these can only be purchased once you have made an initial purchase of either a pack or a gift from the proofcard you would like the extra from.

Why is there a £3.95 charge for online orders?

Online orders are processed separately and are posted directly to your house, therefore this charge is essential to cover labour, administration and postage costs. If you do not want to pay this fee please ensure you return your paper order back to school within 7 working days.

I have lost my order form, can I still purchase?

Yes, of course but you will need to contact your school in order to receive a new order form or to get your online ordering codes. Due to data protection regulations we are unable to deal with your request directly.